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One of a kind statement

Custom Jewelry Design

Have an idea in mind? Not sure where to buy it? We can make it for you!


Personalized just for you!

1) Purchase a downpayment of $50 for a custom pendant

2) Email with your inspiration photos, budget range, and crystal and wire preferences!

3) We will respond with pricing, process time, and crystal availability!

4) We will send you the invoice which will include anything not covered by the $50 down payment (24-hour payment deadline).

5) After your pendant has been approved by you, it should arrive at your doorstep within a week!

All crystals can be ordered per custom pendant.

All Pendants take 1-3 weeks processing time.

The minimum pricing for Custom Pendant is $60.

Invoices are expected to be paid within 24 hours of completed pendant and email update.

Prices vary based on crystal prices and wrap intricacy.

Terms & Conditions

24-hour payment deadline

Pendants may vary from inspiration photos

Artwork will not be copied but can be used as inspiration.

If your preferred crystal is not in stock, it may be ordered. (Expect the process to take time).

1-3 week processing time.

Intricacy, size, and stone influence pricing.

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