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My Story


Why I Sell Crystals

Daniela Broit

Throughout my spiritual journey, my favorite thing had been collecting crystals. Especially making beautiful art out of them. The joy I get when someone buys an item that they can enjoy and use for self-healing is one of the best feelings in the world. Knowing that a little crystal could brighten someone's day or the grounding feeling they get after connecting with them is a huge part of why I do this. I believe they have intense healing properties and I know that at the end of the day the reason I connect with crystals is because of love. I want to be able to spread the love to anyone and everyone who needs it.


All crystals are handpicked from either local mines or international mines who have been in the crystal business for decades and are known for their stance and practices within crystal ethics. We have a personal connection to many mines across the world and do intensive research on the potential detrimental impacts that these mines have on the environment along with society in order to avoid purchasing from exploitative wholesalers and mines. All crystals are chosen out of love and rehomed with love. Consciously sourced crystal resale is a huge priority for our crystal business. We want to spread love and only that. We want the best for all people, not just our customers.


All crystals are priced at the best opportunity for a positive impact on both ends of the transaction. We want to allow all people to afford beautiful crystals while being able to spread the love in all directions. We do not believe in overpricing crystals because we want them to be accessible for all people to be able to heal with the magical power of crystals!

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